Seldom do I get emotional when I’m working with a web designer, software developer, or graphic designer, but Jen’s work was so meticulous, so detailed, and so inspired, that she brought me to tears with her final design of my website. 

I didn’t think I would ever find someone who is equipped to do both design and coding, especially for a platform so challenging as Ning. However, Jen posses a sophisticated sense of design—thinking of fresh approaches that set your website apart from the others—with an incredible knowledge of coding and software development. Working with her is a delight, too, because she is so organized and communicates each step along the way. She may be the most organized private contractor I’ve ever worked with. She maps your project plan in a detailed document that you both follow, which reduces the stressful suspense that you sometimes feel when creating a site. Jen personalizes each site to make the essence of what you are about yell from the homepage, without people even having to read your “About” section. With all of her conversations prior to designing, she makes sure to nail what you want most from the site, whether that is support for depression ( or a journey through different restaurants ( She is the very best Ning designer out there. No contest. 

~ Therese Borchard,

Jen,  I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you did on my web site.  Super responsive, professional and a lot of fun to work with.  I look forward to doing many more projects with you.  Thanks again!  I think it turned out great!

~ Chip

"Jen is remarkable. I have worked with at least a dozen website designers and programmers during the last 20 years and I can easily say she is the best by far. Excellent communication between myself and whoever I work with is an essential. Jen’s communications skills are phenomenal. Her response time is almost unbelievable and the clarity and substance of her emails is beyond reproach.

Creativity is obviously a necessity when one is designing a site and Jen has lots of it. I am very happy with the design she came up with for my site and how she has improved it while we continue to work together.
She is also very reasonable and fair when it comes to design costs. Really can’t say enough, very happy with my decision to collaborate with her. "

~ Steve, WeDigFood

"Jen did an extensive site analysis for No Depression and gave her feedback and input on the features we are using, and recommended some ideas to improve the functionality of the website - - features to add and a couple of things to refine the design.  She was fantastic to work with. I found her to be very knowledgeable about websites in general, and also specifically with the Ning platform.  Her feedback was well thought out and clearly presented.  We agreed on some work to be done and her communication was great throughout that process.  She delivered everything that was promised on time and at a fair price.  I've worked with a number of web developers over the years, and this was one of the most positive experiences I've had."

~ Kyla, No Drepression

"Jen is great. She has exceeded our expectations and provided excellent advice and guidance throughout our project."

~ Thomas Lindeyer, CCL

"I just launched a redesign of my site, which I'm really happy with. I just want to say thanks to Jen from JenSocial for making it happen.  I came up with a layout that I couldn't figure out how to make, and Jen made my design happen.
This wasn't an easy design to create, and I know Jen didn't charge me what her work was worth to my site.  She went way above and beyond on this thing, and I just want to say thank you to her publicly here. Here's a link to what she put together:"

~ Thanks Jen. Scott, Hypnothoughts

"Long over due but I really, really wanted to drop you a note to say what a kick-ass job you did w/ our site.  It is truly awesome and I hope it stands an example to others of your awesome talents. There's not a lot of impressive Ning programmers out there but it was clear from Moment #1 that you were the person that not only stood above all others but could bring your own unique, cool and personal perspective to it all.  We are really grateful -- and totally geeked."

~ Again - you rock. Righteously.  Bruce Broden

"Jen, on behalf of our Team, I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done with the site. looks a million times better now, thanks to you. We are already in discussion about the future, and will be in touch with you soon to request your help again."

~ You are a star, Jen. Commerity Commerce Community