Official Release! The Ning Slider is here!

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Featured Blog Slider or Ad Rotation Tool (Ning 3.0)

Contact TJ or Jen for assistance, if needed.

Build a Slider by simply Featuring Blog Posts! To update your slider, all you need to do: "Feature Blog Posts"! It really is that simple! You can even add external links for slides to access, using the slider as an Ad Rotation App.
Get the new Ning Slider - Ning 3.0! Create Slider Easy as 1-2-3! The Featured Blog Slider is a fully integrated slider for the Ning platform. No more time consuming CSS, editing tedious HTML, or uploading images the tough way. Just a quick install, feature a few Blog Posts with images, and BOOM! A beautiful slider! Ning may offer a built-in slider someday. But, it's unlikely they will offer what we are offering in this Slider code. Our code is quite powerful, and will make it incredibly easy for you to add and update a responsive slider within the Ning 3.0 platform. =)

After initial installation, you never have to code again!


The Featured Blog Slider (FBS) makes it super easy to create a responsive slider for your Ning Network. The FBS utilizes a Blog Module and the Blog's “Featured Blog Posts” to create a Slider container and the Slides. You can send slide “clicks” to a Featured Blog Post(s), or to other internal and external web pages. No more messy HTML and adding: Images, links, and titles - - the hard way! It will take you minutes to update your slider! Just feature a few Blog Posts that contain one image or a Lead Image - - done!


Text Link Back Version - Single Site License / $29.95:

Grants the purchaser permission to install the Slider App on 1 Ning Network. Please purchase multiple licenses for multiple Ning Sites. Or, purchase our White Label version for a license to install on up to 3 sites! Contact us for group discounts.

White Label Version - Site License for up to 3 Ning Networks / $69.95:

Grants the purchaser permission to install the Slider App on up to 3 Ning Networks. Please purchase multiple licenses for more than 3 Ning Sites. Contact us for group discounts.

Code Credits and Licensing:

Let's get a few licensing and copyrighting details behind us: First, we would like to give credit and thank WooThemes at for offering everyone free use and editing of their awesome Slider Engine code. Full Credits below, and within the slider engine code:

* jQuery FlexSlider v2.0 *
* Copyright 2012 WooThemes * Free to use under the GPLv2 license.
* Contributing author: Tyler Smith (@mbmufffin)

We also want to give notice that we utilze open libraries by jQuery. jQuery projects are released under the terms of the MIT license.


PowerTeamNing Slider Licensing:


We (PowerTeamNing in partnership with are offering a copyrighted application, an integrated version of the FlexSlider, for use with the Ning Social Networking Platform, Ning 3.0. We are offering for sale: The custom code that will integrate FlexSlider within Ning. We are not selling you FlexSlider, it is free to all. We are selling you custom code we have developed that will enable you to add FlexSlider to a Ning site with incredible ease. We are also selling you the idea of how the slider is utilized - - and how slides are added, to the Ning platform. The Slider code we have developed is 100% copyrighted by PowerTeamNing. We have implemented security measures for code theft or code editing in any form whatsover, and will not hesitate to request: a Ceast and desist (C&D) or Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) via your ISP for anyone who steals this code in any manner, whether for website usage or a Developer hacking into and editing our code. We take this stance, because this is specialized software, it has taken almost a year of development and testing, and we reserve our rights of ownership, 100%. To utilize our code, you must purchase or acquire the proper licensing.