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Professional Web Design and Development for Social Media and Social Networks

We  are a small Team of Professional Designers & Developers, with super creative Designers, an incredibly talented Lead Developer, and experienced Project Managers - - all resulting in dynamite end results. We have extreme passion for what we love to do - - to make your site and brand look awesome!

We can design just about any type of website, making your brand stand out above the rest, and insist on your 100% satisfaction, guaranteed!


All Flavors

We offer all flavors of professional design, inspired by your brand, instructions, or wherever creativity sends us. Give us creative freedom, and that can really result in some fun and great design! Some of our favorite adjectives would have to be: Awesome, minimalist, clean, crisp, elegant, inspired, polished, stunning, edgy, fun, quirky, wild - - you get the picture!

Ning Custom Web Design & Development

We specialize in Custom Design and Development for Ning Social Networks - Tired of that Cookie-Cutter look? We can help brand your Social Network with unique design, special apps and more - - making it stand out on it's own, and not just another Ning Network!

  • Professional Designs by creative and talented Ning Designers
  • Professional Development, and Lead Developer is one of the best Developers in the business, offering custom applications integrated with the Ning platform.
    Approved "Ning Solution Provider"
  • OFFERING SOON: First fully integrated Responsive Slider for Ning Social Networks!

Social Media Banners and Pages

If you want to make your Social Media presence more professional, we will create all of your banner images, help with your bios, and more. (formerly NingCustomDesign) Firm is managed and owned by Jen specializes in assisting Ning Network Creators in design, support, and special Ning Tips.

Approved Ning Solution Provider


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Professional Service Offerings: Social Media Design - Web Design, Social Network Design, Ning App Development, Social Networking Consultant & Site Maintenance, Social Media Identity (Cover Banners and bio for: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, etc...)

Primary Platforms: Ning Custom Design & App Development, WordPress, SquareSpace, Facebook/Twitter/YouTube

20+ years Software Development, Sr. Graphic Designer, Technology Management, Project Management, Web Designer (17 years)